Rightway Gate Inc - THEIVES! Anthony Beltran, Wolfgang Reile ... The $5,000 *** MEN! rightway gate Unethical Stole My Money

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Rightway Gate Inc, Searchfit Rwgusa,

These Guys are professional *** Men!, have stolen $5,000 from me and refuse to return it and even admitted to this through phone and email. They made an agreement to build me a website for an online store. After they charged my credit card in 4 installments of $1,250 they never once contacted me to perform work they only kept the money. I contacted them over a year ago asking for my money back. I called Sandy Geluso last may and was lied to by her and strung along for two weeks and was told I would be getting a refund. When I finally got through after they would screen my calls, Anthony Beltran told me he would probably issue a refund after I confirmed my identity. Anthony did agree that his company didn't communicate with me and that they never provided me with any work which they were contractually obligated to perform.

After I provided him with my verification of identity (which they never requested when taking my money) he refused to communicate with me and continued to act in bad faith.

I had to hire an attorney to retrieve my funds and at substantial cost! Anthony will no longer communicate or respond to my attorney even though he told them he would. The negative and dishonest actions of searchfit and rightway gate should be a warning to anyone considering or currently doing business with them... They will TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN!

To date they have stolen $5,000 from me and cost me another $2000+ in attorney fee's. I will be filling a complaint with the district attorney, BBB, SOS, etc.

I have never been so cheated in all my years of doing business.

This has caused me a HUGE amount of mental anguish and sleep loss etc. I have been stressed out for months dealing with them. I simply asked for a refund because they failed to perform any work (when I say this I mean it! they never sent me so much as an email)

they are trying to steal my money.

Lawsuit coming soon


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